Who Says You Need To go to Canada for Maple Syrup? A Self Service Kiosk in Wisconsin

When most people think of where to get fresh and authentic maple syrup, they think of Canada. I mean they do have a maple leaf on their ever-so-hard to acquire Canadian flag (you can read about my quest for a Canadian flag here). Wisconsin has a ton of maple trees so there is an abundance of maple syrup there. It’s even sold in self-service roadside stands. This one was off of WIS-97 between Marshfield and Stratford.

Making maple syrup is a pretty labor intensive process. This makes the good stuff expensive. This self-service kiosk fully goes off the honor system and you put your money in a lock box. I guess it’s a testament to people’s honesty in Central Wisconsin.

I didn’t need any maple syrup, but I thought this was a cool thing near my hometown of Marshfield to blog about. Maybe next time I’ll need some so I definitely know where I can drive to to get the real deal!

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