Whole Foods HQ Store Austin

When I lived in Madison, and a little bit in Marshfield, I went through a stage where I only bought organic and natural foods. Being the cheapskate I am, eventually I found it too expensive and not worth the money. Whole Foods was really, “whole paycheck.” Well fast forward with moving to Austin, Whole Foods is taken to a new level since it is based out of here. The Whole Foods I shopped at in Madison is tiny compared to the Whole Foods stores around here.

While I still don’t really eat organic, I do like going to Whole Foods every here and there to eat from their ala carte selection. They actually have a pretty good selection of food to eat and their prices are about the same as eating at a regular restaurant. They also have a lot of big areas to hang out so, while I don’t regularly grocery shop there, it is becoming one of my favorite places to grab a quick bite to eat.

Normally I’ll go to the Whole Foods in the Domain, because it is close to my apartment. This time, I decided to go to the downtown one, where their headquarters is located at. Victoria and I were looking to grab something to eat anyways, so we might as well turn it into an adventure. Since it is downtown parking is a premium. The nice thing about Whole Foods is they have a large underground parking lot.

Another cool thing is there are arrows telling you how many open parking spots there are in a given direction.

They are able to do this count because there is a sensor above each parking spot. Over every parking spot there is either a green light for open, or red light for occupied. It makes it very easy to find a spot and I wish more places did something like this.

From the parking garage, the elevator took us up by the ala carte food area.

We decided to walk around the front first.

There was an old truck with a food display. This reminded me of the truck in the Packer Pro Shop at Lambeau Field.

We finally made it to the entrance!

Unlike Madison, this Whole Foods is the size of a full supermarket.

There are a ton of aisles of stuff. Comparing this to the Madison store, I wonder how much more variety they have. I wasn’t really in the mood to shop so that’ll be another adventure.

I was just there to eat. There was a big enough selection with that.

There were also some places where they prepared sandwiches, tacos, and other stuff. When I saw some stir fry and some French bread, I was already sold.

One thing that Whole Foods does well is encouraging people to be environmentally friendly. You can see there’s several recycle and compost bins…

…and only a single trash bin.

They also have a wide selection of condiments.

After eating, we decided to brave the heat and check out the roof area.

You can see where the headquarters offices are.

There was a good view of 6th Street…

…and also the rest of the city.

We walked a little further and found a cool area with more seating.

There was even a play area for kids. I think this is the first play area I’ve seen on a roof top.

I think for a place to grab a quick bite to eat, I’ll be stopping at this Whole Foods more often. Seeing the awesome views of the city, and the fact I can actually get parking, I might hang here a little more often and start trying the whole selection.

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