Which Wich, Austin, TX

Which Wich has a different way of doing things. I’m happy I was able to visit it on a day where the weather was more different than I’ve ever seen it before, a true Texas snow day.

When it comes to subs, one of my favorite sub shops is Jimmy John’s. They’re insanely fast with making a sub and you get in and out quickly. One thing that Jimmy John’s lacks is customizability. In places like Subway, you can really customize the sub, but they ask you as they make it.

For some reason I always seem to get behind a moron who has never experienced the wonders of a modern fast food restaurant or is horrible at making choices. In an instance where I was in Arlington, I actually had to leave after 5-10 minutes of a guy in front of me customizing his 6 subs he was set to order. Doing basic math, I realized when you’re only on the third sub after 10 minutes, it’s going to be at least another 10 minutes before he’s done.

This is where Which With does it differently, and in my opinion right because it balances efficiency and customizability. While I love the quickness of Jimmy John’s, I do like to customize my order every here and there. Which Wich has bags for each sub group on their menu.

You grab your bag and then take a Sharpie and fill in the bubbles of what you want like you would a standardized test. Just like a standardized test, you also write your name on the bag.

You then walk up to the counter, grab your chips, and after paying they put your bag on this conveyer thing held up by what look like clothes pins.

After that, you get your drink and sit down and wait for them to call your name. You can take in the scenery while waiting. The restaurant has a more modern chain feel to it.

My name was called and I got my turkey sub. It was nice and toasted and went down well on the probably the coldest day of the year.

I didn’t see any wifi networks, so I didn’t get the test there. To add to a more industrial feel, there was a barrel for a garbage can.

As far as a sandwich shop, I like going to Which Wich. They really have found a good way to mesh the best of both worlds when it comes to customizing your sub and also the speed you get it. There’s a lot of good choices and I’m happy I can stand back and figure out what I want without holding someone else up in line.

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