Wild Chix & Waffles, Austin, TX

One of the shopping centers I frequent in Austin is Northcross Mall. A place that recently opened that had caught my eye is Wild Chix & Waffles. This place had previously been The Factory Cafe and was a coffee house. The cool thing is Wild Chix & Waffles kept the whole interior of The Factory Cafe and converted it to a chicken and waffles restaurant.

I had been meaning to go to this place for a while, but it was on one of our Friday lunch dates Victoria and I finally got around to visiting.

When you first walk in, the menu is right there, as well as above the counter where you order.

For a coffee place, the inside was very unique. For an actual restaurant, this place was out of this world unique!

Being a fast casual restaurant, we got our number and sat down.

What surprised me for this place, especially with it being a former coffee shop, was there wasn’t any wifi for the business itself. You could use a neighboring business’s wifi though.

Another difference I found that wasn’t as out of the ordinary was they didn’t have fountain drinks. I got a Mexican Coke and Victoria got some tea.

After a while our food arrived. Victoria got the standard chicken and waffles and I got a waffle burger with some fries.

The burger was good, but what really stuck out was when I tried a little bit of Victoria’s chicken. Just like the interior being out of this world for a restaurant, the chicken was out of this world! It was juicy and they cooked it to perfection. I’m not sure if you could have cooked it any better! I was very impressed with the food and devoured what I had.

Victoria had a little bit leftover, so I went up to get a to go box for it. Food this good shouldn’t ever go to waste. While I went to the counter to ask for the to go box, I told the guy behind the counter how good everything was. I found out his name was Wallace and found out he was a co-owner of the restaurant. We exchanged cards and then he gave me an olive oil cake to take home.

At another time I ate the olive oil cake. Just like the other food, this was very good also. All I have to say is I’m very impressed with this restaurant. The decor definitely fits the “Keep Austin Weird” vibe many like to keep in the city, and the food is pretty amazing. I’ll definitely be back at this place, and to Wallace and the rest of the people at Wild Chix & Waffles, keep up the good work!

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