Wood Paddle Pizza and Tap, Aurora, CO

Tucked in a strip mall is a little pizza joint that serves wood-fired pizzas.

Wood Paddle Pizza and Tap definitely lives up to the paddle in their name. When you walk in, the wall is lined with them.

Their menu is simple and covers all bases.

There are a few video games to keep you occupied.

This is the first restaurant I’ve been to that offers Jones Soda on the fountain. I love Jones Soda so this was exciting. I got some green apple soda.

The restaurant has a couple tables to sit at and a long bar. Behind the bar is where the pizza making magic happens.

For a starter we got Fresh Baked Focaccia. It was warm and chewy.

We got a pepperoni pizza for our main course. The fat inside the cheese and pepperoni combined perfectly to give juicy bites of flavor. Every single bite was a rush of pizza goodness!

To top the pizza there was also small bowls of red peppers and Parmesan cheese with the tiniest spoons.

All the food really hit the spot! I was very full upon leaving and it was just one of those feel good meals. I also loved that they had Jones Soda. Being that this is tucked away in a shopping center, it’s a great little place to get away and have a good meal!

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