Work Tour of Texas Arlington

After 4 weeks of being on the road for my Work Tour of Texas, my final stop for this rotation was Arlington. Arlington was actually the site that spurred this whole travel rotation in the first place. Since I had taken care of the issues there prior to starting this rotation, it made more sense to hit up the other remote site first. I was also happy Arlington is only about 3 hours away and I did not have a long trip ahead of me as I had just got back from Wisconsin the day before. Actually, after this trip was done, I have driven over 7000 miles in the last month.

I know it’s not the healthiest breakfast but I decided to get a sandwich, Cheez-Its, and a bag of dill pickle chips. I know we used to eat Old Dutch Dill Pickle chips all the time up in Wisconsin so I decided to try the southern version (I still prefer Old Dutch).

Arlington and Houston compete for the biggest office due to the size of the cities they support. It was definitely very busy and I had a lot of work to do. I made sure to get a few glances between the loading bars. One interesting thing is the Arlington office is right down the road from AT&T (Cowboy’s) Stadium, Ranger Stadium, and also Six Flags. The view is definitely nice but I would think it would be kind of depressing having to work and then seeing all the people have fun right outside the window.

If I was a Cowboys fan this would be more exciting.

Going to the hotel was nice. It was a short distance down the road, which made it a nice short commute. I could definitely tell was in the epicenter of Cowboys country when the door on the hotel had a Cowboy’s sticker.

I was surprised when I got to my room and saw it was a suite.

This was the view from the room of Six Flags. If I looked further to the left I could also see the office (not shown in the pics).

It was a long day so I opted for Subway that was just down the road. I did try the new Jacked Doritos so I guess that added a little variety to an otherwise generic meal.

When I was working in one of the Sergeant’s offices I saw a bunch of patches. I saw a Wisconsin patch and found it funny that, while most states have their own agencies for alcohol control like TABC for Texas, Wisconsin just lumps alcohol control under the Department of Revenue. I guess Wisconsin’s alcohol guys are true “revenuer’s.”

The building TABC is in is a shared building with many other businesses in there. Since the building is so close to the stadiums, the parking lot is often rented out to fans going to the games. I bet it can get interesting when the agents are coming to work and there are fan tailgating and drinking in the parking lot. I know I was told by an agent that they hope as they’re walking in that something doesn’t get too out of hand where they have to witness it and then act on it. They quickly walk into the office in hopes someone doesn’t do something stupid in their presence while drinking. I wonder if the fans that are drinking and tailgating there know that that building is home to the state police who take care of alcohol control.

I was planning on finishing up Wednesday and then heading back. I was in the office late and had some work left over so I had to stay another night. The next room I got in the same hotel wasn’t as nice but it had a better view.

I decided to get Panda Express for supper. I had homework to work on both nights so something quick was definitely in order.

On the way to the office I took a quick picture of how close the rollercoaster tracks were to the road.

I finished up all my work by late morning. I was able to hit the road and arrive in Austin by the early afternoon. When I went to get my car, I could see the trees were trying to pollinate it.

Overall it was pretty uneventful but busy this week. For the weekend I have to work on my final project for my MBA Finance class. It is a bit nice being off the road for a little bit. I’m tempted to go to Mexico again one of these weekends but I’ll have to see. As of right now, it’s off to do some oil market analysis.

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