Work Tour of Texas – Houston

The past two weeks, I have been doing a bit of traveling for work. I proposed an initiative to my boss to travel to our remote offices to take care of IT issues in person. This initiative stemmed from when a switch went down at our Arlington (Dallas) office and brought the whole office down. Since Arlington is a major office, I was immediately sent with a spare switch to replace the defective one. The issue was actually misdiagnosed over the phone and the real problem ended up being the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) being defective.

I was able to bypass the UPS and plug the networking gear directly into the wall for the time being. A month later, I then had a return trip to install the new UPS after it was shipped to us. The whole process took me around 10-15 minutes to mount the new UPS and plug the networking gear back into it. After that, I decided to walk around and take care of as many issues as I could.

I found there was a lot of work to be done on site and people were appreciative to have a real person there to take care of their issues. I brought this up with my boss and my “Tour of Texas” was born. It was planned I would travel once a week to hit our major offices of Houston, El Paso, San Antonio, Lubbock, and Arlington in that order. We also did not have good pictures of the office, so I was tasked with taking some pictures and also documenting as much as I could while fixing as many computer issues as time would allow.

Last week, I went to Houston. I can definitely attest to the term, “Houston Minute.” It is as fast as a New York Minute! The plan was for me to arrive Tuesday in the morning and work the rest of the day. Then I was supposed to come in Wednesday and work until everything was finished and head home that night. Well there were enough issues that I worked late Wednesday and stayed over until Thursday. It wasn’t until Thursday afternoon that I was finally able to leave for Austin. There was so much stuff to do that time just flew. It seemed like a few hours went by between every time I’d get a moment to glance at the clock.

My Houston trip consisted of taking the pool car out of the locked space and parking my car there:

I did get to see some interesting things like how there must be some sort of bathroom concierge services because that is probably the only reason for a phone to be next to the toilet:

I also found the agency I work for supposedly prohibits (they don’t) me buying a 6 pack and drinking it in my room and they do it with bad grammar:

Well that trip absolutely flew. A bunch of people in the office were quizzing me on where I went to eat since Houston has many world class restaurants. Since I was working 12-14 hour days the first night I decided to hit up the Fiesta grocery store, which was across the road from my hotel. The second night I got Church’s Chicken. Well so much for hitting up world class restaurants or a place that wasn’t also available in Austin. Needless to say, the food did hit the spot.

Well before I knew it, I was back on the road. The weather was rainy and dismal the whole time but since I had my balls to the wall working, it didn’t really matter and I didn’t take notice very much. The one nice thing is the closer I did get to Austin, the nicer the weather became. By the time I got back to Austin, it was a beautiful day. Just in time for South by Southwest!

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