Work Tour of Texas San Antonio

This week was the shortest of all my destinations on my work Tour of Texas. San Antonio is only about an hour and a half from Austin so it definitely was a lot shorter than the 9 hour drive I had to El Paso the week before. I guess it was good the drive was short because the company vehicle I had was a Crown Vic and did not have cruise control.

There were a lot of issues to take care in the office, so it was long days and then trying to get as much rest as I could at the hotel that night to be refreshed for another busy day. The highlight of my night there was getting a quick glance out of the window:

The most unique thing I saw in San Antonio was Lenny’s Subs. I’m always up for trying something new and I saw this place on the way to the hotel so I stopped in and got a sub:

I did see the hotel must have had some issues with people hanging clothes from the sprinkler system as they had a warning not to do so. I remember in high school hearing a story about how someone in DECA or another club had done this and completely flooded their room. This caused a couple thousand dollars in damage. I guess I never had to bright idea to hang anything from the sprinkler since there were always available hangers in the closet.

The office that we have is a building shared with several other companies. They must have some issues with guys smoking in the boy’s room as the bathroom sign said instructed me there was no smoking.

The weather was very nice and when I was flipping through Facebook I saw someone complaining about snow up in Wisconsin. They had written, “f*ck snow,” so I decided to reply with the following picture showing the beautiful day it was and the view I had from the desk I was sitting at.

Overall, it was a pretty uneventful trip but it was still good to be on the road. My next stop is Lubbock, which is a lot more miles.

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