Work Trip to Laredo

As you probably heard in the news, the storms in Texas have been pretty brutal. Just like my trip to Odessa, I had to go to Laredo to replace a router and get the internet working. Both sites were taken down by the storms and had fried routers. We also had difficulties getting the site up remotely, so I was scheduled to go on site.

That same week I was on call. The night before, I decided to go to bed halfway early at 8:30. By 10:00, I received a call from a user that couldn’t connect. Long story short, a server that had been rebooted had issues bringing up a service that controlled remote connections. I was in the office until 3am working with our managed services provider to get that working again.

I then went home and got a few hours of sleep. I got back into work and hit the road for Laredo to put out that fire. At least this was only a 3 hour drive versus a 6 hour drive like I had to Odessa. I got on site and started working on the issue. I had to wait for the ISP to come on site to get the modem working. This meant I had to sit in the booth and watch the scenery to pass the time.

As I looked out the booth I could see cars constantly passing by. It never seemed like there was a break in the traffic.

An interesting thing I noticed was a Milwaukee Brewers sticker on the microwave in the booth. I asked who was the Brewers fan and they told me someone found the sticker in a Cracker Jack box and put it on the microwave. At least they found a good sticker to put on the microwave.

It was around lunch time during my wait. My coworkers at the booth knew a guy who picked stuff up on his bike from local restaurants and then delivered it. They gave him a call with our order. I got some beef ribs. It was definitely good, but spicy.

After all the work was done and I did my onsite checklist, I headed to the hotel.

The view wasn’t too bad.

Since I was running on limited sleep, I passed out soon after I came to the hotel. I actually got a good’s night sleep and then hit the road first thing in the morning. I made it back in the late morning and then finished out the day and then off to a lazy weekend sitting around since I was still on call.

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