Work Trip to New Braunfels

Occasionally there is a work road trip that can actually be a day trip. This was the case in my trip to New Braunfels. The 2 agents there were working off their air cards, which were pretty slow. We had just got some internet service at the office and I brought a router along to get everything up and running. I left at the standard time in the morning and it took about 45 minutes to get there.

Once I got there, I found that the agents were not there (they typically work at night), so I had to wait for someone else to let me in the office. The office building was a converted elementary school that was now being used by Comal County for their offices. I worked with a Comal County IT guy and we ran a network cable across the building. I definitely got my fair share of exercise and also a bit dirty from lifting ceiling tiles to run the cable. After the cable was run, I was able to get the router up and working shortly after.

My coworkers always talked about how Cooper’s BBQ was and recommended I go there for lunch. It was along the way so I decided to stop.

I ordered the daily special which was half sausage and half smoked pork.

I sat down at one of the picnic tables in the big open table area.

There were jars of jalapenos at the table so I ate half of one with my meal until my taste buds said enough was enough with the spiciness. After eating I headed back to Austin. As I got closer to Austin, the clouds became darker and darker. We’ve been having some crazy weather as of lately and now with Tropical Storm Bill brewing, the weather continues to be crazy. All of a sudden when I got about 3 miles from my exit on Mopac, it started pouring. It continued to pour as I pulled into the gas station.

I only pumped about 9/10s of a gallon of gas before the power went out at the gas station. I had to wait about 10 minutes before I could pump the rest of my gas. I made it back to the office and the rain had let up. I unloaded everything and then only had a little over an hour left to finish out my day. It was definitely nice getting out of the office for a day trip and getting some good Texas BBQ for lunch. With Tropical Storm Bill brewing and the potential damage it may cause, I wonder how many more road trips I’ll have to take to bring back up remote sites brought down by the storms. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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