World Famous Club Kentucky

After my walk to Juarez, I ended up at the Club Kentucky.

The Club Kentucky opened right after Prohibition and, since it was a 2.5 block walk from the border, it was a premier spot for people to go who wanted to legally drink since Mexico didn’t participate in Prohibition. Even after Prohibition, it was a watering hole for many celebrities such as John Wayne and Steve McQueen. It is also said to be the birthplace of the margarita.

When you walk in there are chairs on the outside that look modern.

When you walk inside, it is anything but modern. It definitely has a very historic feel to it.

The bar and chairs appear to be very old and well-worn.

Although they use modern point of sale terminals, they still have the old cash registers there.

Around the bar and ceiling is carved out of old wood. I have read it was carved in France and brought to Mexico.

They did have some modern things like a jukebox.

Since the margarita was invented here, I, of course, ordered one.

They took American, so it came out to $2.43.

Now I read about the trough under the bar. In the old days, people stood by the bar and this was a convenient place for guys to piss and not have to leave their spot at the bar. It looks like it hasn’t been used in a while, but you can see the drain for it.

You can tell the bar itself was well-worn.

After my margarita, I ordered a Sol beer.

This came out to $2.05.

After drinking that I had to take a leak. Obviously I wasn’t about to go in the trough, so I walked over to the bathroom (banos) and saw this on the door.

By then, I had my 2 drinks and was ready to get back into the US. I took a few pictures of the rest of the bar before leaving.

One thing I didn’t realize, until walking out, is they had the Wisconsin-Iowa game on in the corner TV. I wish I would have saw that when I came in so I could have caught Wisconsin beating Iowa. There wasn’t much time left so I decided to head back to the border.

It was definitely cool I steeled my nerves a bit and walked across the border to have a couple drinks and see this historic bar. It was also cool seeing this part of Juarez and how clean it seemed. It did not feel sketchy at all and maybe sometime when I’m in El Paso again, I’ll hop on over the border and have another margarita there.

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