Yankee’s Tavern, Carlos, TX

In Wisconsin, there are bars scattered throughout the countryside. You’ll be driving around and a bar will happen to be in the middle of nowhere. In Texas, I find this to be a lot more rare. One exception to this is Yankee’s Tavern in Carlos. The only way I actually found out about this is through Victoria’s aunt and uncle. They own a cabin close to Yankee’s and go there often.

Victoria and I were visiting the Bryan, TX area so her aunt and uncle saw this as a great opportunity to visit Yankee’s. Victoria, her aunt and uncle, grandparents, and I loaded up in her uncle’s Explorer and headed there.

Yankee’s is a biker bar with a rustic feel to it. It’s like the country bars I’ve grown accustomed to in Wisconsin. Where it differs is it has a huge outdoor area. There’s a place for camping and even an area for a Cowboy Church. I can see where huge events could be held here. If people are camping out, I can see the parties going on well into the night. If anyone ever feels they need to repent, they can also do that there on Sunday.

The jukebox inside is an old school CD one with full albums on it.

The menu is simple. It’s a laminated page with two sides to easily flip over.

I got a Budwesier and then took a quick look around.

Victoria ended up getting a side salad with her meal. She didn’t want it due to the amount of food coming, so I ate it instead.

We ordered a side of chips. These weren’t just pulled out of a bag and placed in a container. They were made fresh and were nice and warm when they were brought to the table. We got ranch to dip them in. There was some Tabasco at the table. I found a great combination of dipping the chip in ranch and then adding some Tabasco.

I got the turkey melt club. Like the chips, it was nice and fresh!

After eating, I snapped a couple pictures of the rest of the inside of the bar and the sun setting on the outside.

I like bars like Yankee’s. They’re in the middle of nowhere and take on a character of their own. The food is good and I can see the parties becoming a bit crazy. Hopefully I’ll run into more bars like this in Texas, but I always know where I can return if I don’t.

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