Yard House, Austin, TX

Yard House is a sports bar chain that prides themselves in having a ton of beers on tap. I know they’re all over the place and one caught my eye when I was in San Antonio. I did not stop at that one, but did get a chance to stop at the one in The Domain in Austin. We were meeting up with Victoria’s grandparent’s, aunt and uncle, and cousins.

We parked in the garage and walked over to the restaurant. One thing that really stuck out was how huge the restaurant was on the outside!

They had their menu on the outside, like San Antonio. Seeing “Wisconsin Cheese Curds” will usually catch my eye.

While we were waiting for everyone, we sat down, and I checked out the wifi. The download speeds were really good, but upload speeds were slow.

Everyone arrived, and we walked to our tables. Just as the outside looked huge, so was the inside. They also weren’t lying about their beers on tap!

They actually had 2 menus, one for food and the other for drinks. Both had a big selection, but I think the drink menu was a bit more extensive. I was also glad to see “Wisconsin cheese curds!”

They didn’t stop with just Wisconsin cheese curds. They added a bit more Wisconsin with the Chippewa Falls-based Leinenkugel’s beer coaster.

I stuck with Dr. Pepper and also got a water.

We ordered some appetizers and of course got some of those Wisconsin cheese curds!

Other appetizers were egg rolls and Gardein “chicken” wings. I say “chicken” because it’s actually a vegan substitute for real chicken. Victoria’s cousin Chris is vegan, so we didn’t want to leave him out of the appetizer party. I will admit, the Gardein chicken wings are pretty good. It is hard to tell the difference between that and boneless chicken wings.

Victoria’s aunt Kathy insisted I take a picture of her tortilla soup, so I did.

While the vegan food was good, I opted for an applewood bacon BBQ burger with some garlic fries.

Victoria has a soft spot for pizza, so she ordered one with some tomato soup.

The food was good, and I wolfed down as much as I could. I was able to finish the burger, but had to stop short of finishing all my fries. They did do a good job overall. Chris frequents this place often to the point he appeared to be on a first name basis with the wait staff. I can definitely see why he likes to come here. Maybe next time I’ll follow his lead and try a vegan burger. In the meantime, my burger and the cheese curds satisfied my carnivorous appetite. I saw it was cool they even had a stick to make sure it was cooked to my liking!

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